​WuLing Huang, Ph.D. Associate Professor


Telephone: (+86) 10 8254 4791

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Address: Rm 1112, Smart Bulding, No 95 Zhong guan cun East Road, Beijing, China

Postcode: 100190

Research Areas

Autonomous Vehicles, Intelligent Transportation System, Parallel Control


2010.09-2014.07, Ph.D., University of Chinese Academy of Sciences, China. 


Work Experience
2005.07-present, Assistant Professor -> Associate Professor, The State Key Lab of Management and Control for Complex Systems, Institute of Automation, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Beijing, China
Teaching Experience
Embedded Real-time System Design



-Selected Journal Paper

[1] Li Li, Wu-Ling Huang*, Yuehu Liu, Nan-Ning Zheng, Fei-Yue Wang, "Intelligence testing for autonomous vehicles: A new approach," IEEE Transactions on Intelligent Vehicles, vol. 1, no. 2, pp. 158-166, 2016.

[2] WuLing Huang, Ding Wen, Jason Geng, Nan-Ning Zheng “Task-specific performance evaluation of ugvs: Case studies at the IVFC,” IEEE Transactions on Intelligent Transportation Systems, vol.15, no.5, pp.1969,1979, Oct. 2014

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[4] Kunfeng Wang, Wuling Huang*, Bin Tian, Ding Wen,“Measuring driving behaviors from live video”, IEEE Intelligent Systems, v 27, n 5, p 75-80, 2012

- Selected Conference Paper

[1] WuLing Huang, Kunfeng Wang, Yisheng Lv and FengHua Zhu, "Autonomous vehicles testing methods review," 2016 IEEE 19th International Conference on Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITSC), Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, 2016, pp. 163-168.

[2] WuLing Huang; Zhongdong Yu; Fenghua Zhu; Liuqing Yang; Fei-Yue Wang, "Applicability of short range wireless networks in V2I applications", Intelligent Transportation Systems - (ITSC), 2013 16th International IEEE Conference on , vol., no., pp.231,236, 6-9 Oct. 2013

[3] Yuqiang Liu, Wu-Ling Huang*, Tao Sun, Fenghua Zhu, "AGV decision making subsystem based on modified Dempster-Shafer evidence theory and fuzzy logic," 2012 IEEE International Conference on Vehicular Electronics and Safety (ICVES 2012), Istanbul, 2012, pp. 169-174.

[4] DongPing Song, WuLing Huang , YuQiang Liu, Tao Sun, DaLei Guo, "Motion state acquisition and error analysis for intelligent vehicle power management strategies," Proceedings of 2011 IEEE International Conference on Vehicular Electronics and Safety, Beijing, 2011, pp. 119-123.

Over 10+ Chinese invent patents authorized.

Research Interests




Honors & Distinctions

Beijing Association for Science, "Golden Bridge Project" award, third prize; 

Chinese Association for Artificial Intelligence, Artificial Intelligence Science and Technology Progress Award - Wu Wenjun Award, second prize. 

Chinese Academy of Sciences, Teaching Achievement Award, second prize. 

Beijing Municipal, Science and Technology Progress Award,  third prize.