Date of birth: 8.11.1971; Citizenship: Slovenia 




Research Areas

​Colloids, Self-assembly, many-body interactions, magnetic colloids, computer simulations



10.1996 B.Sc. degree in Physics at University of Ljubljana, Slovenia 

03.2001 PhD degree in Physics at University of Ljubljana, Slovenia 

11.2002 Assistant Professor, University of Maribor, Slovenia

09.2010 Associate Professor, University of Maribor, Slovenia 

04.2014 Professor of Soft Matter, Beijing University of Chemical Technology, China

04.2016 Professor of Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences


1996-2000 PhD student: CAMTP Maribor & Jozef Stefan Institute, Ljubljana, Slovenia

 2001-2004 Post doctoral fellow: Faculty of Physics, University Konstanz, Germany 

2004-2006 Marie-Curie Intra European fellowship at University of Graz, Austria 

2006-2007 Marie Curie Reintegration Grant at JSI, Ljubljana, Slovenia 

2006-2015 Senior Researcher: Department of Theoretical Physics, IJS Slovenia 

2008-2015 Senior Research Associate: Department of Chemistry, University of Cambridge, UK 

2014-2016 Assistant Director, PI & Manager of International Cooperation: International Center for Soft Matter         Research, BUCT, Beijing, China 

2016-2020 (part time): Network coordinator (manager), Department of Chemistry, University of Cambridge, UK 2016-20xx Associate Professor, Institute of Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Beijing, China

Work Experience
Teaching Experience

2017-20xx Lecturing (Computational Physics, Statistical Mechanics, Molecular Simulations): UCAS & IoP, CAS,                           Beijing 

2015-2016 Lecturing (Soft Matter, Molecular Simulations): BUCT, Beijing 4.2011 Visiting Professor at University of                      Barcelona, Spain (Soft Matter course) 

2006-2016 Lecturing (Mathematical Physics, Numerical Methods, Modern Physics, Colloidal Interactions, Physics I):                   University of Ljubljana/Maribor, Slovenia 

2008-2014 Supervisions (Stat. Mechanics, Soft Matter): University of Cambridge, UK 

1997-2013 Assistant: University of Ljubljana, University of Konstanz 


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Research Interests



NANOTRANS 2017 Berlin, Germany, March 2017, Early-stage gelation of cement 

Biophysical workshop ITP, CAS, Beijing, China, January 2017, Multivalent binding and receptor activation,

IoP Annual Conference Wuhan, China, October 2016, Nanoparticle organization in polymer layers 

STATPHYS24, Lyon, France, July 2016, Nanoparticle organization in polymer layers 

International Soft Matter Symposium Tianjin, China, June 2016, Early-stage gelation of cement Emergent dynamics of out-ofequilibrium colloidal systems at nano- to microscales

CECAM, Lausanne, Switzerland, April 2016, Dynamic assembly of magnetic colloids The Physics of Soft and Biological Matter

Cambridge, UK, April 2016, Nanoparticle organization in polymer layers

Chinese Physical Society Annual Meeting Changping, Sept. 2015, Multivalent receptor activation 

34th Int. Conference on Solution Chemistry Prague, August 2015, Nanoparticle organization in polymer layers Controlled structural formation of soft matter 

KITP, Beijing, China, August 2015, DNA complexes control TLR9 activation 

CECAM: Simulation of systems under thermodynamic-like gradients Zaragoza, Spain, March 2015, Colloidal and bacterial walkers

LIQUIDS: 9th Liquid Matter Conference Lisbon, Portugal, July 2014, Stimulus-sensitive colloidal walkers 

CECAM: Simulation of systems under thermodynamic gradients Paris, France, March 2014, 

Colloidal and bacterial walkers Active Fluids: Bridging Complex Fluids and Biofluids Aspen, USA, Jan 2014, Modeling bacterial surface motility 

Active Matter: Cytoskeleton, Cells, Tissues and Flocks (BIOACTER) KITP, Santa Barbara, USA, January 2014, Emergent dynamics in magnetic colloids 

Active particles and microswimmers Ringberg, July 2013, Colloidal and bacterial walkers 

ASPM 2013 Bled, Slovenia, April 2013 Collective ordering of colloids in polymers 

4 th International Symposium on Slow Dynamics in Complex Systems Sendai, Japan, December 2012, Slow colloidal dynamics in polymer layers 

Jülich Soft Matter Days Bad Honnef, Germany, Collective ordering of 2012 nanoparticles in polymer layers APS March Meeting Boston, USA, March 2012, Colloidal assembly on soft substrates 

8 th Liquid Matter Conference Vienna, September 2011, Assembly & dynamics of magnetic colloids 

New challenges for the simulation of electrokinetic phenomena Paris, France, 2011, (CECAM workshop) Assembly of magnetic colloids 

Self-Assembly Workshop Barcelona, Spain, 2011, Ordering of magnetic colloids 

Perspectives in Strongly Correlated Electrostatics in Soft Matter Aspen, USA, 2010, Field induced assembly of magnetic colloids 

Noise in Life Cambridge, UK, 2009, E. coli super-diffusion 

7 th Liquid Matter Conference Lund, Sweden, 2008, Condensed soft colloids Crystallization and Jamming 

Soft Matter under Driving Leiden, The Netherlands, 2008, Condensed phases of coresoftened colloids 

26. Winter Meeting on Statistical Physics Taxco, Mexico, 2007, Many-body colloidal interactions 

29th Int. Conf. on Solution Chemistry Portorož, Slovenija, 2005, Colloidal Compressibility Optical Trapping and Optical 

Micromanipulation (SPIE) Denver USA, 2004, Many-body colloidal interactions Attractive Interactions in Colloidal Systems 

Bad Gastein, Austria, 2003, Many-body colloidal interactions 

Max Planck Society Meeting Ringberg, Germany, 2003, Measurement of three-body interactions 5 th Liquid Matter Conference Konstanz, Germany 2002, Many-body effects on colloidal phase diagram



I collaborate with Daan Frenkel (Cambridge), Gerard Wong (UCLA), Ignacio Pagonabarraga (Barcelona), Anand Yethiraj (St. John’s), Emanuela Del Gado and Peter Olmsted (Georgetown University), Alexey Snezhko (Argonne National Laboratory), Erik Luijten (Northwestern), Emmanuel Trizac, Lyderic Bocquet, Benjamin Rotenberg (Paris), Christos Likos (Vienna), Jürgen Horbach (Düsseldorf), Clemens Bechinger (Stuttgart), Davide Marenduzzo (Edinburgh), Franziska Matthäus (Heidelberg), Dušan Babić, Matej Praprotnik, Vojko Vlachy, Primož Ziherl and Rudi Podgornik (Ljubljana); and others.



Honors & Distinctions