Yinglong Chen  PhD, Professor 


Phone: (+86) 187 9283 3596

Research Center of Soil and Water Conservation and Eco­environment 

Chinese Academy of Sciences, & Misnistry of Education

(Formerly known as: Institute of Soil and Water Conservation, 

Chinese Academy of Sciences & Ministry of Water Resources)


Research Areas

  • ​Rhizosphere interactions
  • Crop growth and physiology in stressed environments
  • Plant root development, structure and functions
  • Modelling simulations of root architecture and functions
  • Diversity and functions of microbes in ecosystems
  • Mycorrhizal technologies and applications


Scholarly books:

Liu RJ, Chen YL (2007) Mycorrhizology. China Science Press, Beijing, pp 447. ISBN: 978-7-03-017290-7 [Chinese] [Widely used reference book in Chinese community. Contains 14 chapters and 741 cited references. Invited by the Science Press, No. 1 academic publisher in China]

Gong MQ, Chen YL, Zhong CL (1997) Mycorrhizal Research and Application. China Forestry Publishing House, Beijing, pp 221. ISBN: 7-5038-1841-7. [Chinese] [My first comprehensive reference book for Chinese community including 7 chapters and 548 cited references]

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Translated book:

Chen Y [Translator]. Translated English book into Chinese: Working with Mycorrhizas in Agriculture and Forestry, by Brundrett M, Bougher N, Dell B, Grove T, Malajczuk N (ACIAR, Canberra). China Science Press, Beijing, ISBN 978-7-03-061021-8.

Scholarly book chapters:

Chen YL, Djalovic I, Siddique KHM (2018) Advances in understanding grain legume physiology: understanding root architecture, nutrient uptake and response to abiotic stress. In: Sivasankar S, Bergvinson D, Gaur P, Kumar S, Beebe S, Tamò M (eds.) Achieving Sustainable Cultivation of Grain Legumes. Burleigh Dodds Science Publishing. Cambridge

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