Prof. Qinghua Guo, Professor, Institute of Botany, Chinese Academic of Science


Address: No.20 Nanxin Village, XiangshanHaidian District, Beijing, 100093

Research Interests

Professor Guo’s research includes the methodology and application of remote sensing and geographical information science. Research interests mainly focus on the extraction and retrieval of 3D structure and functional parameter of vegetation based on LiDAR and its fusion with multi-source remote sensing data, including:

(1) Software and hardware developments of LiDAR and its application in agroforest and urban ecosystems;

(2) Integrated system of hardware and software for high-throughput crop phenotyping;

(3) Species distribution model algorithm (geographic one-class data) and its application in simulating biodiversity pattern;

(4) Multi-scale and multi-source remote sensing data fusion, computing and information release;

(5) Simulating and predicting the effect of climate change and land use change on structure and function of terrestrial ecosystem (such as carbon cycling, biodiversity etc.) at reginal and global scale, through combination of multi-source remote sensing data and ecological model. 


Ph.D. 2005. Department of Environmental Science, Policy and Management, UC-Berkeley
M.S. 1999. Institute of Remote Sensing and GIS, Peking University, China
B.S. 1996. Department of Urban and Environmental Science, Peking University, China


Work Experience

2012- Present,  Professor (“Thousand Talent Program for Young Outstanding Scientists”), IOB, Chinese Academic of Science.

2005-2011,  Research Associate, Associate Professor, and then Professor, University of California, Merced, USA




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Conferences & Honors


      (1)    2015-09-09 International symposium on AP-GEOSS : Biodiversity and Mapping of 3D habitat structure  

      (2)   2014-06-01 Phenomobile: a Lidar-based canopy digitisation platform for cereals in the field


(1)     2014 ERDAS Award for Best Scientific Paper in Remote Sensing

(2)     2013 Talbert Abrams Award

Research Projects

(1)     Initial Fund for “Thousand Talent Program for Young Outstanding Scientists”, PI, Chinese Academic of Science”, 2011-12 - -2014-12

(2)     Effect of Uncertainty on Species Distributions Under Climate Change, PI,  2013-01--2016-12

(3)     Sensitivity of Earth System and Interaction between Carbon Cycle and Climate Change, Participant, 2013-01--2017-12

(4)     The Strategic Program of Molecular Module-Based Designer Breeding Systems, PI, 2013-08--2017-12

(5)     Extracting Forest Structure Parameters and Modeling 3D landscape from T-liDAR, PI, 2015-01--2018-12

(6)     Automatic, High-resolution and High-throughput Plant 3D Image Analysis System, PI, 2015-01--2016-12

(7)     Construction of Reference Data Set for Ecosystem Assessment based on the Data Fusion of Ground Observation and Near Surface Remote Sensing, PI, 2016-07--2020-12​


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