Prof. Jianjun Wang obtained his Ph.D degree at Max-Planck Institute for Polymer Research and University of Mainz (Germany) in 2006. After seven months of postdoctoral research, he became a project leader at Max-Planck Institute for Polymer Research. Since 2010, he has been a professor at the Institute of Chemistry, Chinese Academic of Sciences. Dr. Wang has carried out research work in colloid and surface chemistry, solid state chemistry and polymer physics. In particular, he has performed systematic work in colloid and surface chemistry, and has papers published in Nature Materials, Journal of American Chemical Society, Physical Review Letters and Advanced materials etc. His current research interest is anti-icing materials.


Address:  Institute of Chemistry, Chinese Academy of Sciences,Zhongguancun North First Street 2, 100190  Beijing, PR China.
Tel:          010-62529284     Fax:         010-62529284

Research Areas

Ice formation on exposed surfaces affects adversely the appropriate operation of infrastructures including aircrafts, ships, wind turbines and power lines. In extreme cases, icing on surfaces causes disastrous events such as crash of aircrafts and collapse of power networks, which result in severe economic impact and large loss of life.

Our group is committed to the development of anti-icing materials based on the investigation on the fundamentals of ice formation and ice adhesion. Currently, the group consists of 1 professor, 2 assistant professor,1 post-doc, and 10 Ph.D candidates. We warmly welcome and will provide a decent platform to those who have interests in the anti-icing research. 

Honors & Distinctions




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Research Interests

Surfaces with low adhesion to condensed water microdroplets

Surfaces with controllable ice adhesion

Bioinspired anti-icing surfaces


(1)Regulating ice nucleation by tuning the properties of interfacial water   第十二届国际高分子物理学术讨论会   2016-06-10
(2)Regulating ice nucleation by tuning the properties of interfacial water   2015年全国高分子学术论文报告会   2015-10-17
(3)Regulating ice nucleation by tuning the properties of interfacial water   2015-09-20
(4)Regulating ice nucleation by tuning the properties of interfacial water   2015-05-08
(5)Anti-icing surface materials    2014 年两岸三地高分子液晶态与超分子有序结构学术研讨会(暨第十三届全国高分子液晶态与超分子有序结构学术论文报告会   2014-08-12
(6)Bio-inspred anti-icing surfaces with ultralow adhesion to condensed water droplets   2013-05-28
(7)Bio-inspred anti-icing surfaces with ultralow adhesion to condensed water droplets   第十届国际高分子物理学术讨论会   2012-06-04
(8)Anti-icing surface materials   2012-03-05





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