YIN Fenglin, PhD in IP Law
Associate Professor of Law
School of Public Policy and Manangement

Email: yinfenglin@ucas.ac.cn
Telephone: +86-01-88256453
Address: 19A Yuquan Rd., Beijing, China
Postcode: 100049

Research Interests

Intellectual Property


Ph.D in Law, Graduate School of CASS, 2008

Working Experience

  • Assistant Procurator, Procurator, Vice-Chief Procurator of Tangshan Procuratorate, Hebei Province, 1996-2009
  • Postdoc and Assistant Professor , School of Humanities and Social Sciences, GUCAS, 2009 - 2015
  •  Associate Professor,  School of Public Policy and Manangement, 2015- 

Work Experience
Teaching Experience


International IP Law
Criminal Law

Selected Publications

1.Yin Fenglin, Climate Change, Technology Transfer and International Intellectual Property,Technology and Law (Keji yu Falv), 2011,No.1, pp .70-75.
2.Yin Fenglin, On USA Rules Of Parallel ImportOf Patented Goods And The Enlightenment To China, Intellectual Propety (Zhishi Chanquan), 2011, No.1, pp. 62-68.
3.Yin Fenglin, On the EU Rule of Parallel Imports of Patented Goods,  Journal of  Law (Faxue Zazhi) , 2011, No. 3, pp.60-65. 
4.Yin Fenglin,On Pledge of Copyright and It’s Registry, Electronic Intellectual Property (Dianzi Zhisi Chanquan),2010, No. 10, pp.81-85. 
5.Yin Fenglin, On UK License of Right and its Referring Significance to China, Electronic Intellectual Property (Dianzi Zhisi Chanquan),2010, No. 7, pp.67-72.
1. Yin Fenglin, Parallel Imports, Intellectual Property Publishing House, Beijing, 2012.