Principal investigator;


Mailing address:

Beijing Institute of Genomics,

No.1 Beichen West Rd, Chaoyang District, Beijing

Postcode: 100101

Research Areas

DNA damage response, genome instability and human diseases.


Ph.D. in Physiology                                       1996-1999

The State Key Lab of Reproductive Biology

Institute of Zoology

Chinese Academy of Sciences                                                             


M.S. in Biotechnology                                     1991-1994                                             

Wuhan University, China


B.S. in Cell Biology                                            1987-1991        

Wuhan University, China


Principal Investigator                                       2009-present                              

Beijing Institute of Genomics


Research Assistant Professor of Dep. Pathology                  2008-2009                  

UT Southwestern Medical Center at Dallas


Instructor of Dep. Pathology                                 2004-2008                                    

UT Southwestern Medical Center at Dallas


Postdoctoral Research Fellowship                                    2001-2004

UT Southwestern Medical Center at Dallas

Advisor:  Professor Errol C. Friedberg                                                    


Postdoctoral Research Fellowship                                    1999-2001

University of Kentucky

Advisor:  Associate Professor Ok-Kyong Park-Sarge


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Research Interests

My main research interests are focusing on DNA damage response, genome instability and related human diseases (including cancer, birth defect, and ageing) by using experimental approaches including biochemistry, molecular/cellular biology, genomics, proteomics and animal models. These studies will allow us to gain further insight into the molecular mechanisms how gene-environment interaction affects cell proliferation, cell differentiation and death, as well as to develop novel therapeutic strategies for these disorders.



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