Associate Professor of Law Department;
Telephone: +86-01-88256453
Address: 19A Yuquan Rd., Beijing, China;Postcode: 100049 部门/实验室:公共政策与管理学院

Research Areas

Intellectual Property law;
Constitutional law and Administrative law;


PhD, Wuhan University, 2008


Trade Mark Law,
Intellectual Property Law,
Hot Issues Discussion of Copyright Law,
Constitutional Law and Administrative Law

Selected/Recent Publications

·The Dilemma of Original Idea Protection in China, Legal Forum, 2011(03) .
·On Legitimacy and Route of the Protection of Private Rights to Genetic Resources in China, Inner Mongolia Social sciences, 2011(05) .
·Legal Dilemma of Anti-genetic-discrimination in the Field of Employment in China, Qing Hai Social sciences, 2011(03) .
·Legal Dilemma and Prospect of Chinese Civil Associations’ Development, Ning Xia Social sciences, 2010(03) .
·On the Relationship between Chinese Central and Local Government ———From the Perspective of the Principle of Reservation of Law, Journal of He Nan Normal University, 2010(02) .