Yong Huang  Ph.D. Professor
Polymer Chemistry & Physics

Research Areas

Ø      Polymer Physics: Macromolecular cholesteric liquid crystals
Ø      Cellulose chemistry
Ø      Biodegradable polymer materials
Ø      Polymer composites


B.S. 1982: Chengdu University of Science & Technology
M.S. 1985: Guangzhou Institute of Chemistry, CAS
PhD. 1996: South China University of Technology


Work Experience
1985-2000: Assistant Professor, Associate Professor, Professor, Vice-Director of Guangzhou Institute of Chemistry, Chinese Academy of Sciences (ICCAS)
2000.2- : Professor of Institute of Chemistry & Deputy-Director of Basic Research Bureau, Chinese Academy of Sciences
Teaching Experience

Honors & Distinctions




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·       Guanqi Zhang and Yong Huang, Influence of molecular structure on the cholesteric liquid crystalline behavior of ethyl-cyanoethyl cellulose/acrylic acid solutions, Liquid Crystals, 2002, 29, 289-294

·       Linge Wang and Yong Huang, Concentration dependence of magnetic field effects on the ethyl-cyanoethyl cellulose/dichloroacetic acid cholesteric phase, Liquid Crystals, 2001, 28, 1673

·       Jia Zeng, Fengtao Suo and Yong Huang, Phase Separation of the liquid crystal in the cholesteric phase, Polym. Bull., 2001, 46, 83

·       Y. Huang, Preparation and Properties of Ethyl-Cyanoethyl Cellulose/Polyacrylic Acid Composite Films with Reflection Colors, Chinese J. Polym. Sci., 2001, 19, 277

·       Yuanqin Zhang, Jing Li, Aimin Chen and Yong Huang, Biodegradation of cellulose derivative/ polycaprolactone blends, Cellul. Chem. Technol., 2000, 34, 51

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 ·        Linge Wang and Yong Huang, Effects of magnetic field on ethyl-cyanoethyl cellulose cholesteric order, Macromolecules, 2000, 33 (19), 7062-7065.

·        Y. Huang, The variation of cholesteric structure during the polymerization of the solvent in liquid crystalline solutions, Polym. Bull., 2000, 44, 425-430

·        Y. Huang, J. Loos, Y.Q. Yang and J. Petermann, Macromolecular cholesteric order observed by electron microscopy, J. Polym. Sci., 1998,36,439

·        Y. Huang, Y.Q. Yang and J. Petermann, Atomic force microscopy on ethyl-cyanoethyl cellulose/polyacrylic acid composites with cholesteric order, Polymer, 1998, 39(22), 5301

·        J.M. Chen, Y. Huang, H.L. Wang and J.R. Shen, Morphology of polyethylene blended with thermotropic hydroxyethyl cellulose acetate, J. Appl. Polym. Sci., 1998, 67(7), 1285

·        Q.Z. Dai and Y. Huang, Formation of lyotropic liquid crystals and molecular interactions in maleyl ethyl cellulose/acetic acid system, Polymer, 1998, 39(15), 3405


Research Interests







郑凯  博士研究生  070305-高分子化学与物理  80032-化学研究所

金鑫  硕士研究生  070305-高分子化学与物理  80032-化学研究所

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王德乾  博士研究生  070305-高分子化学与物理  80032-中国科学院化学研究所

田野  博士研究生  070305-高分子化学与物理  80032-中国科学院化学研究所