Tong Zhao, Ph.D. , Research Professor   Polymer Chemistry & Physics
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Address: 北京市海淀区中关村北一街2号

Research Areas

Ø         Resin matrix for high performance resin based composites
Ø          Synthesis and properties of organo- inorgano molecular hybrid resins   
Ø         Molecular design and structure controlment for thermosetting polymers


1990, B.S., Peking University, Chemistry
1995, Ph.D., Peking University, Polymer Chemistry & Physics
1995-1997, Institute of Chemistry, The Chinese Academy of Sciences, Poster


Work Experience
1997, Associate Professor
2000, Professor
1999, Leader of Laboratory for thermosetting Polymers
2002, Deputy director of Laboratory of High Technological Materials



Modification of Montmorillonite through Intercalative Polymerization,Linjie Zhi, Bing Han, Tong Zhao,  Yunzhao Yu, Hongsheng Wang,Chinese Chemical letters,2003, 14 (1): 108

          Synthesis of conductive polyaniline/epoxy resin composites:doping of the interpenetrating network,Xiaojun Yang, Tong Zhao and Yunzhao Yu,Synthetic Metals,Vol.142(1-3),57-61(2004)

         Synthesis of Resol - Layered Silicate Nanocomposites by Reaction Exfoliation with Acid-Modi?ed Montmorillonite,Hongsheng Wang, Tong Zhao, Yehai Yan, Yunzhao Yu,Journal of Applied Polymer Science,Vol.92,791 - 797 (2004)

         Cure Study of Addition-cure-type and Condensation-addition-type Phenolic Resins,Mingcun Wang,Liuhe Wei,Tong Zhao,European Polymer Journal , 41/5(2005)903-912

         Novel Thermosetting Resin with a Very High Glass-Transition Temperature Based on Bismaleimide and Allylated Novolac,Yuan Yao, Tong Zhao, Yunzhao Yu,Journal of Applied Polymer Science  ,97/2/443-448

         Synthesis,morphology and properties of polydimethylsiloxane-modified    Allylated novolac/4,4’-Bismaleimidodiphenylmethane, Wanwan Li, Feng Liu, Liuhe Wei, Tong Zhao, European Polymer Journal ,42(2006)580-592

         A Novel Condensation-addition-type Phenolic Resin:Synthesis,Characterization and Composite Evaluation,Mingcun Wang, Liuhe Wei, Tong Zhao,Polymer  ,46/21 (2005) 9202-9210

l         Synthesis of Bismaleimide-Modified Novolac Resin/Clay Nanocomposites Using p-Phenylenediamine as Swelling Agent,Hongsheng Wang, Tong Zhao, Yunzhao Yu,Journal of Applied Polymer Science  ,  96/2(2005)466-474

         含炔基酚醛树脂的合成与表征,王明存、赵彤,《宇航材料工艺》2005年第1期, P30-34

         PN-PAA、MPN-PAA共混树脂热固化过程和热分解过程的研究,王明存 ,魏柳荷,赵彤,《宇航材料工艺》2005年第5期, P25-31


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