Research Areas

   Freshwater Ecology


I recieved a PhD in limnology in 2000 from University of Vienna, Austria


Work Experience
I am a research professor at Nanjing Institute of Geography and Limnology, Chinese Academy of Sciences (Nanjing). I am also a professor at the Sino-Danish Center for Ecducation and Research, University of Chinese Academy of Sciences (Beijing).

Teaching Experience
I teach several courses, e.g. Limnology (at Nanjing), Freshwater Ecosystem Restoration and Management (at Beijing).



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Research Interests

My research areas include food webs, eutrophication process and ecosystem restoration of lakes


I was the organizer of 7th Internantional Conference of Shallow Lakes, and will organize XXXIV SIL Congress at Nanjing in 2018.


My main international collaborators including colleagues from Denmark and Netherlands.



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