Yang  Mo ,PhD 
Professor of  Science  Communication
Telephone: +86-01-88256005
Address: 19A Yuquan Rd., Beijing, China
Postcode: 100049

Research Areas

Science Communication
Science News 
Science and Technology museum


Ph.D., Graduate University of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, 2007.

Working Experience

Associate Professor, GUCAS, 2004-Present.
Reporters and editors,China  Computerworld,2002-2003.
Reporters and editors,China Business Times,1994-2002.


1.Mo Yang and  Li Wei  Zhang , Discussion of Professional Master Education of Science and Technology Museum Display Major  China Higher Education 2012,No.3, pp.73-74.
2.Mo Yang  ,A Comparative Study of Training Professionals of Scientific and Technological News in Colleges and Universities between the United States and China,Journal of ShanXi University , 2010, Vol.33, No.7, pp.123-128. 
3.Mo Yang  ,Difficulty, Misunderstanding,and Analysis in the Practice of Popular Science Resource Sharing,Impate of Science on Society,2009, No.4, pp.15-18.
4.Mo Yang  ,Chinese Science News talent requirements and Training mode of colleges and universities,Journal of HuNan University  Social Sciences  ,2010, Vol.24, No.2, pp.140-143.
5. Mo Yang  ,Foundation of Science Communication Major in China’s Significant Universities and Colleges,Science Popularization,2006,No.2, pp.31-35. 
6.Mo Yang ,Research on the Development Strategy of China’s Popular Science Resource Sharing,Science Popularization,2010,No.1, pp.12-16.

Effective Science Communication in an Era of Globalization ,Beijing:Science Popular Press,2007

Dissertations Directed

Master of Science Communication

1.Zheng LI ,Youth’s Online Science Popularization Monitoring Analysis of China,MA degree from GUCAS July 2007. 
2.Qi LIANG ,Content Ananysis Of Health Communication,MA degree from GUCAS July 2007.
3.Miao MIAO ,Researches on the Condition of China’s Eight Science Channels,MA degree from GUCAS July 2007. 
4.Yue YUAN,Analysis of News of Genetically Modified Crops and Food in Four Chinese newspapers,MA degree from GUCAS July 2008. 
5.Qin ZENG,The research of The China Weather TV's operation,MA degree from GUCAS July 2009.
6.Xiao GAN, A Comparative Study on Six Websites of Science Museums in China and USA,MA degree from GUCAS July 2010.
7.Peizhi WANG,Research of the Development of Science Communication,MA degree from GUCAS July 2010.


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