Yongmei Hao, Associate Professor 
Telephone: 86-10-88256414
Address: 19(A) Yuquan Road, Beijing, China
Postcode: 100049


Research Areas

Application of nanomaterials, 
Functional ceramics, 
Drug carrier


Bachelor of Science Degree in Chemistry,1989-1993, ShanXi Univ., 
Mastor of Science Degree in Chemistry, 1993-1997, ShanXi Univ., 
Doctor of Science Degree in Chemistry, 1997-2000, Nankai Univ.


2000-2002, Postdoctorate, Perking Univ., China
2004-2005, Postdoctoral fellow, Konan Univ., Japan

Work Experience

1996-1997, Assistant Professor, Shanxi Univ., Shanxi, China
2002-present, Associate Professor, School of Chemical Science, University of Chinese Academy of Sciences, Beijing, China

Teaching Experience

Advanced Inorganic Chemistry

Environmental Chemistry

Honors & Distinctions




1. Kinetics and thermodynamics of diquat removal from water using magnetic graphene oxide nanocomposite

   Hao Yongmei, Wang Zhongkai; Gou Jiajia; Wang Zhongming

   Canadian Journal of Chemical Engineering 93 (2015) 1713-1720

2. Rapid and efficient removal of Ni2+ from aqueous solution by the one-pot synthesized EDTA-modified magnetic nanoparticles

    Chen Junyong; Hao Yongmei; Chen Man

    Environmental Science and Pollution Research 21 (2014)  1671-1679 

3. Structure and dielectric properties of Ba5NdCu1.5Nb8.5O30-delta tungsten bronze ceramics

    Tan Yanqing; Yu  Yuan; Hao Yongmei; Dong Suying; Yang Yiwen

    Material Research Bulletin  48 (2013) 1934-1938

4. Study on the adsorption of Cu(II) by EDTA functionalized Fe3O4 magnetic nano-particles    

    Liu  Yan; Chen Man; Hao Yongmei

   Chemical Engineering Journal 218 (2013) 46-54

1. Effective removal of Cu (II) ions from aqueous solution by amino-functionalized magnetic nanoparticles
Hao Yong-Mei, Chen Man, Hu Zhong-Bo
Journal of Hazardous Materials 184 (2010) 392–399.
2. Microstructure and colossal dielectric behavior of Ca2TiMnO6 Ceramics
Chen-Yang Shi, Yong-Mei Hao, Zhong-Bo Hu
Scripta Materialia 64 (2011) 272–275.
3. Structural, magnetic and dielectric properties of La2−xCaxNiO4+? (x = 0, 0.1, 0.2, 0.3)
Chen-Yang Shi, Zhong-Bo Hu, Yong-Mei Hao
Journal of Alloys and Compounds 509 (2011) 1333–1337. 
4. Structural, magnetic and dielectric properties of Bi1-ySryFe(1-y)(1-x)Sc(1-y)x TiyO3 (x = 0–0.2, y = 0.1–0.3) ceramics.
Chen-Yang Shi, Xin-Zhi Liu, Yong-Mei Hao, Zhong-Bo Hu
Materials Research Bulletin 46 (2011) 378–383.
5. Local Valence and Physical Properties of Double Perovskite Nd2NiMnO6.
Chenyang Shi, Yongmei Hao and Zhongbo Hu
Journal of Physics D: Applied Physics. 44 (2011) 245405.
6. Structural and magnetic properties of single perovskite Ca(Ti1/2Mn1/2)O3
Chen-Yang Shi, Yong-Mei Hao, Zhong-Bo Hu
Journal of Magnetism and Magnetic Materials 323 (2011) 1973–1976. 
7. The magnetic properties of Bi0.9Ba0.1Fe0.81M0.09Ti0.1O3 solid solutions
(M = Co, Mn, Sc, Al) 
Chenyang Shi, Yongmei Hao *, Yanqing Tan, Rui Song
Materials Research Bulletin 46 (2011) 1848–1852.
8. Structural, magnetic and dielectric properties of Sc modified (1 _y)
BiFeO3eyBaTiO3 ceramics 
Chenyang Shi a, Xinzhi Liu b, Yongmei Hao a,*, Zhongbo Hu
Solid State Sciences 13 (2011) 1885-1888.
 9.Entrapment and release difference resulting from hydrogen bonding interactions in niosome
Yong-Mei Haoa, Ke’an Li
International Journal of Pharmaceutics 403 (2011) 245–253.
10.Structure of Gd(5-x)HoxSi4 Solid Solutions
Yunfeng Zhou, Yongmei Hao, Zhongbo Hu
Key Engineering Materials Vols. 368-372 (2008) 632-634.
11.Fabrication of Spark Plasma Sintering on Pb(Mg1/3Nb2/3)O3–PbTiO3 Ceramics Layers Prepared by Tape Casting and TGG Method
Shaoxin Zhou, Dan Liu, Heping Zhou, Zhongbo Hu, Yongmei Hao
Key Engineering Materials Vols. 368-372 (2008) 27-29.


Research Interests

Watertreatment, drug carrier, functional ceramics







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