齐莉 女 汉族 硕导 化学研究所

Li Qi  


supervisor for master students

Institute of Chemistry, Chinese Academy of Sciences

Telephone:   +86-10-82627290
Address:  No. 2 Zhongguancun Beiyijie, Beijing, P.R. China
Postcode: ​100190

Research Areas

   Analytical Chemistry


Work Experience

2002.03-present        Associate Prof./ Prof.,InstituteofChemistry,ChineseAcademyof Sciences

1989.02-2002. 02      Associate Prof., Beijing Institute of New Technology and Application

Teaching Experience

2016.03-present     Prof., Teach Analytical Chemistry ​in University of Chinese Academy of Sciences

Honors & Distinctions

(1)   The First Class Award of China Analytical Instrument Association for Science and Technology award (2012, 2016)

(2)   The Second Class Award of Beijing Municipal Sciences and Technology (1998)

(3)   The Third Class Award of Beijing Municipal Sciences and Technology (1994)

2007-present  Board member, Beijing Society of Chromatography









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Juan Qiao, Xiaoyu Mu, Li Qi*

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Juan Qiao, Jinyong Kim, Yuanyuan Wang, Li Qi*, Fuyi Wang, Myeonghee Moon*

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Shilei Ji, Nan Li, Yong Shen, Li Qi*, Juan Qiao, Zhibo Li

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Yaping Li, Li Qi*, Nan Li, Huimin Ma

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Shilei Ji, Nan Li, Li Qi*, Minglin Wang

Preparation of amino acid-based polymer functionalized magnetic nanoparticles as adsorbents for analysis of two plant growth regulators in bean sprouts


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Yuan Su, Xiaoyu Mu, Li Qi*

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Luliang Wang, Juan Qiao, Huihui Liu, Jie Hao, Li Qi*, Xiaoping Zhou, Dan Li*, Zongxiu Nie, Lanqun Mao

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Juan Qiao, Chuanfang Chen, Li Qi*, Meirong Liu, Ping Dong, Qin Jiang, Xinzheng Yang*, Xiaoyu Mu, Lanqun Mao

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Xiaoyu Mu, Juan Qiao, Li Qi*, Ying Liu, Huimin Ma

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Xiaoyu Mu, Juan Qiao, Li Qi*, Ping Dong, Huimin Ma

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Nan Li, Li Qi*, Ying Shen, Juan Qiao, Yi Chen

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ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces

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Xiaoyu Mu, Li Qi*, Juan Qiao, Xinzheng Yang*, Huimin Ma

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Bingbing Sun, Xiaoyu Mu, Li Qi*

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Xiaoyu Mu, Li Qi*, Ping Dong, Juan Qiao, Jian Hou, Zongxiu Nie, Huimin Ma

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Nan Li, Li Qi*, Ying Shen, Yaping Li, Yi Chen

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Haizhi Zhang, Li Qi*, Ying Shen, Juan Qiao, Lanqun Mao

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Xiaoyu Mu, Li Qi*, Ying Shen, Haizhi Zhang, Juan Qiao,Huimin Ma

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Xiaoyu Mu, Li Qi*, Haizhi Zhang, Ying Shen, Juan Qiao,Huimin Ma

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Ying Shen, Li Qi*, Lanqun Mao

Macroporous polymer monoliths with a well-defined three dimensional skeletal morphology derived from a novel phase separator for HPLC


2012, 53, 4128-4134


Haizhi Zhang, Li Qi*, Yuqing Lin, Lanqun Mao, Yi Chen

Study on the decrease of renal D-amino acid oxidase activity in the rat after renal ischemia by chiral ligand exchange capillary electrophoresis

Amino Acids

2012, 42, 337-342


  • Authorized Patents

    1. Li Qi, Xiao-Yu Mu, Juan Qiao, Preparation of a novel D-amino acid oxidase-based enzyme reactor, CN ZL201310594025.4

    2. Li Qi, Hai-Zhi Zhang, Xiao-Yu Mu, Juan Qiao, Lan-Qun Mao, Amino acid liquid ions as the ligands for chiral ligand exchange capillary electrophoresis application, CN ZL201210229429.9

    3. Li Qi, Jun Yang, Hui-Min Ma, Construction of porous cellulose membrane based microchip and its application, CN ZL201210122279.1

Research Interests

1.    Study on chiral separation and enzyme kinetics using CE/MCE technique

2.    Preparation of polymer-based micro/nano materials and its application in sensing and cell imaging

3.  Preparation of polymer monolith and its application in bio-chromatography




2016.7-2018.6 NSFC International Co-operation Project



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李楠  博士研究生  070302-分析化学  

Graduated Ph.D Students:     12

Graduated MS   Students:       4

Graduated Students in Lab:    6


Ph.D                            Chemistry department, Hebei University, Hebei, P.R. China

​B.S.                             Chemistry department, Sun Yat-Sen University, Guangdong, P.R. China

1994.07-1995.12        William Harper College, Chicago, IL, USA