Jiannian Yao
Elected as CAS Academician in 2005
Institute of Chemistry,The Chinese Academy of Sciences
Add:No.2 1st North Street Zhongguancun Beijing P.R.China

Research Areas

(1)  Organic functional nanostructures: fabrication and characterization

(2)  Design, preparation and application of inorganic/organic photochromic materials

(3)  Inorganic functional nanostructures: Fabrication and applications

(4)  Biomimetic supramolecular chemistry and optoelectronic functional materials


Work Experience

2008.1-present, Vice President, the National Natural Science Foundation of China;
2000.4-2008.3, Vice President, Institute of Chemistry, Chinese Academy of Sciences; 
1999.9-present, Professor, Institute of Chemistry, Chinese Academy of Sciences; 
1995.8-1999.4, Professor, Institute of Photographic Chemistry, Chinese Academy of Sciences.

Honors & Distinctions

2004, as the first contributor, the project "Fundamental Study and Applied Exploration of Some Novel Photo-functional Materials" was awarded "Second-class prize from the National Awards for Natural Science" in China



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