Yi Chen Ph.D. , Research Professor   Analytical Chemistry
    Tel      : 010-62618240

Research Areas

      Surface plasmon resonance sensing and imaging

      Capillary and chip-based electrophoresis

      Bio-mass spectroscopy (newly opened)


1981. B.S. Xiamen University
1987. M.S. Institute of Chemistry, Chinese Academy of Sciences (ICCAS); 1990. Ph. D. ICCAS1992-1994 & 1996-1997, Research Fellows (Alexander von Humboldt Foundation & Max-Planck Society), Max-Planck-Institute for Developmental Biology, Germany; 2002-2004, Visiting Scholar, University of California Berkeley, USA; 1990-present. ICCAS


Work Experience
1982-84. Institute of Health, Chinese Academy of Medical Science
1992. Research Associate Professor, ICCAS; 1995. Research Professor & Vice Director of Lab. Anal. Chem., ICCAS; 1997. Director of Lab. Anal. Chem., ICCAS; 2004. Director of Lab. Anal. Chem. Life Sci.; 2007. Director of Beijing Center of Mass Spectroscopy



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